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Mireille Castelnau

New customer testimonialThank you to this company for the precious advice which allowed me to raise my website in the first results and this on several relevant keywords compared to my site, not having computer training I was a little afraid not to be able to get out of it! Thank you for your patience by email, your help was precious to me!

Michel & Adeline Pinchot

New customer testimonialHello, I would like to leave a comment to express my satisfaction with this positioning software. The SEO of our website was not obvious a priori, knowing that I am in a relatively competitive sector (sale of lingerie) on the web and that being well positioned is the key to the business. In short, I recommend it if you are a professional and you have a commercial site.

Benjamin Van Hoot

New customer testimonialI sell products in many countries and I needed to be ranked on other search engines than Google because it is little used in some countries, for example I needed to be well positioned on Bing and Yahoo search engines. The online service therefore directed me to the premium pack which corresponded to my profile. For the moment I am delighted!

Brigitte Rebuffet

New customer testimonialFor my part I use it for about 1 year and it works very well.

Judith Belkacem

I have used the premium pack of this software for almost a whole year and saw my cooking site go up very quickly, the results impressed me. I managed to go up in the positioning on several keywords in Google and I felt the effects relatively quickly because I increased the traffic on my site, it almost tripled in less than a year!

Ahmed Belmadi

Thanks to this software, I managed to reference my two websites, my websites are today placed between 6th and 2nd position according to the keywords that I had selected in the software, thanks to that I have a much better visibility on Google. For only 199 euros for a year, I have much better results than with other solutions that were much more expensive!

Pauline Legrand

Bravo to the team for their precious advice! My activity is quite competitive because I have a real estate agency and I don’t know much about IT on the internet, I just wanted my agency’s website to be visible on the net for my clients and my prospects, well it’s done ! Thank you.

Johan Dramcy

The Agency Pack is very useful when you want to reference more than 10 websites. At the beginning I had bought several Premium packs and the technical team then contacted me saying that it would be more economical for me to use the Agency pack even if all the websites I refer to are mine and not those of potential customers…

Jean François Porscher

Thank you for the seriousness and professionalism of your software and its associated services. Our agency uses your software mainly for the Russian and Chinese search engines Yandex and Baidu, our customers congratulate us for the positioning of their websites on these promising markets. Thank you for your know-how in terms of SEO.

Gilles Larnicol

I would like to say how easy this software is to use, before using it, I had another software on the internet, but I couldn’t use it… Result I switched to this SEO software and I’m delighted, in just a few clicks I can do what I want, which was not won in advance, the premium pack is very well done.

Sabine Suiret

I was a user of the standard pack for a year, but my professional activity increased and I had to get more involved on the net. Indeed, I sell clothes for pregnant women and today I had to reference several of my pages, passing to the pro pack, I increased my positioning and my sales were affected! Thanks for the help by email!

Youssef Ben Amar

Hello, I want to give my testimony, I already use several SEO solutions for my different websites and I must admit that I had surprising results with this software. While some of my websites were badly positioned on certain keywords, they went up on the first page of the main search engines, and this in less than 3 weeks! I can only recommend it for my part

Paul Bricard & Fabrice Chevalier

If you’re like us and have a lot of websites to reference, one piece of advice: go for it! We have been looking for a long time for an effective and reasonable solution in terms of price to reference a multitude of websites on Google of all kinds (around thirty) and the solution proposed by this company has met our requirements in every respect. Best regards.

Tanguy de Chermoulaix

Hats off to this website and their software! I use it for more than 2 years now and my blog is always well ranked on the Google search engine on the 5 or 6 keywords that interest me. The handling is intuitive and SEO allowed me to increase the number of visitors to my blog. Thank you !

Jonathan Benolliel

I am quite satisfied with the software, in fact, it is quite simple to use, intuitive and especially thanks to it I took 3 places in only two weeks, I think it will surely improve again, I cross my fingers !! I use some other software and this one is really great. Thanks also to the online, patient, educational and responsive help!

Jean Pierre Arnault

Hello, I can confirm the results of the software. Thanks to you I managed to get my websites up on the keywords I wanted, after only 3 weeks I took several pages ahead of the best search engines used by my customers. If you are looking for an effective SEO solution you know what you have to do.

Valérie Jacquot, Philipe Missudt

A big thank you to all the collaborators for their advice, thanks to you, we were able to raise most of the websites that we have on different keywords and on many international search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu (among others ). We recommend it if you have a lot of websites to ranking and position on several search engines.

AnaĂŻs Frechon

For my part, I only have a small window on the latest fashion news, but what is the point of having a site and sharing your opinion on certain subjects if no one consults it? lol. Thanks to this pack, I was able to reference my personal page on the first pages of Google, now it is much more consulted than before !! Thank you for this software :-)

Farida Saada

This pack helped me a lot to get my online sales website up on the keywords related to my industry, I quickly saw the results and my sales were affected. Good SEO is essential today when doing business on the web. Thank you for your Google SEO solutions.

Adriano Santoro

Hello, I created my own web SEO agency several months ago now and I use several SEO systems for my clients. The software of this company is very effective to raise websites in the first positions of the French and foreign search engines, it is a good job!

Ingrid Berdah

I am very happy with this software that I have been using today for over a year. I had to migrate from the pro pack to the premium pack since I wanted to ranked more keywords on Google than before and I had reached the limit with the pro pack, having seen that it worked, I continued with other keywords, I almost reached the limit, I am at 93 keywords ranked for my website!

Pierre Carcassonne

In addition to our SEO work, we use the SEO software and are very satisfied with the results obtained in particularly short time. Bravo to the whole team and special dedication to the efficiency of customer service.

Vincent Sailly

First result obtained after 3 weeks. First google page for certain keywords. Look forward to seeing the results in a few weeks for my site!

Bertrand Colpin

Completely satisfied for the ranking of your website - At the beginning, I did not believe it, but after 6 weeks we were in pull position. This reduces my GOOGLE ADWORDS invoices which is not negligible, and I record an average of 150 visits per day. HAT!

Axe Services

We found this site, which we recommend to everyone who wants to be ranked quickly (it took less than two weeks before seeing our site appear in the first ten results). We do not want to advertise for free but given the good results we can only recommend it.

Emmanuel Cavé

I ranked my website about 2 months ago. I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised for the past few days. Indeed, for several years, I could not reference a keyword on the 1st page of google. For the past 1 week, I have been on the 1st page in 7th position. And I am delighted.

Jean Paul Lassays

Simply stunning. When you try to be efficient, you look for and read lots of articles and various offers. I stumbled a bit by chance on this ad and I hesitated a little on its price especially since we are often a little disappointed with the use. That was not the case. I repeat myself maybe but it’s simply amazing. Well done.

Yann-Erik Bourgeois

Thanks to SEOTOOLSRANKING.COM for their ranking and their advice and the relevance of their work, SoulShake is the leader in tarpaulin, banner advertising and adhesive printing in France.

Marie-Odile Brus

A big thank you for the help of getting started and the precision of the answers to my candid questions. Easy to use, online support too: Thank you!

Société Robin Skirt

Our site is mounted in the first results on very generic keywords, I highly recommend this software.

Cathy Matte

Hello to you, I have been using your SEO software recently and I simply want to say that your software is fabulous and really effective, because in a short time, the websites are ranked (15 days) it is easy to use and really competitive in price. Bravo to you and good luck.

HĂ´tel Holiday Inn Toulouse

We ranking the website of our Hotel and Restaurant on Blagnac, in one week we were among the first. By the way we thank the seriousness of the online support.

Benjamin Jaklimovitch

Hello, I just keep you informed of the results after a year of using this very good SEO software. Indeed, my license for the software having expired, I have just re-subscribed for one year. My site is now part of the TOP 03 of Google on certain very qualified terms whereas before I struggled to exceed the TOP20. Have a nice day.

Gilles Artacho

With this software, the ranking and the management of the ranking of the websites becomes easy and fast. In the agency we used several ranking software our choice is no longer to be made. Very high quality software for PRO positioning quality.

Julien Lurand

Hello, I want to give a positive opinion on this software. Indeed this software is easy to use and very effective, much better than buying an SEO, I submitted my site by a SEO and I was only 60th, since I use this SEO software I am 8th and it will certainly improve!

Irène Marita

I have been using this SEO software for a month and I can give you my impression: It is very easy to use, for beginners it is a very good point. The results on search engines are really fast, they appear in just two days.

Christine MĂĽller

An answer to all my questions is also good service! Thank you !!!

Bichara Pentura

It’s an excellent tool, you can try it!

Michel Lhotellerie

Hi all ! Let me tell you that this software is remarkable and easy to use. I ranked my website with the biggest internet service providers on the French market with this software. Indeed with this software with clear interface, I submitted my website to the 7 main search engines. It’s a gem in the Webmaster’s toolbox.

Jean Boyne

I highly recommend this SEO software, which I use for ranking my network of directories, it saves me considerable time! Do not hesitate...

Marcel Derville

I wanted to salute the seriousness of the administrator who answers "illico presto" to the questions, and who solved my problem very quickly. I recommend its performance to you. cordially

David Chriqui

Really easy to use, to be recommended among the best SEO software.

Nathan Florenzi

Very easy to use... a precious help with SEO. To be tested urgently !!!

Avi Teboul

Software that will send SEOs to bed! Frankly I save about 4 hours of work with this app so my bed says thank you for staying a little longer with it! Thank you !!!!


SEO is a daily job, this app saves you a lot of time! Easy to use, it should appeal to both beginners and experienced users... A word of advice: download it and ... keep it for yourself !!!

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